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Simmons, who had been living in Virginia, eventually pleaded no contest to the "harmful to minors" charge and other charges, but he reserved his right to renew his First Amendment arguments on appeal.

The judge who wrote the unanimous opinion was Justice Peggy Quince.

If the charges against you involve such a trap lain out for you to fall into, I can help.

I understand your intentions may have been more innocent than charges imply.

In some cases, the accused initially was told he or she was talking to an adult, only to have the undercover agent claim to be a minor when the conversation turned sexual in nature.

These types of scenarios are far too common, and many adults are now facing sex crime charges and a lifetime on the sex offender registry because of entrapment on the part of undercover chatters. As a former state prosecutor, I attended the National College of District Attorneys at the University of South Carolina School of Law among a select group of prosecuting attorneys (one from each state) to gain in-depth insight on how to prosecute child sex offenders.

Whether the accusations are false, misleading or true, you need effective, aggressive defense. Scott Rieth, a sex crime defense lawyer and former state prosecutor.

Even a mere allegation can impact your life for years. I understand sex crime cases from all angles of prosecution and defense.

A conviction is life-altering and may include prison time.Don't accept empty promises from police or prosecutors. "Police blotter" is a weekly CNET report on the intersection of technology and the law. Quince broke with a line of cases from other courts, upheld the "harmful to minors" law and expanded it to cover instant-message conversations as well.Having top-tier law firms from New York and Washington didn't hurt, either.In the Florida case, the person unsuccessfully assailing the law was a far less sympathetic litigant named Michael John Simmons.

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Sex offender probation restricts where you can live and work, and it imposes a curfew and sex offender counseling.

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